Super Rare Club Membership (2019)
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Super Rare Club Membership (2019)
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The Super Rare Club is a membership system designed to help support our most loyal and passionate fans. Its aim is to remove any potential stress associated with purchasing items from our shop as well as rewarding those who love collecting as much as we do. By being part of the Club, you will receive exclusive information, early access to products and be part of an elite group of our most passionate collectors.

The membership cost covers from the 1st of February 2019 until the 31st of January 2020.

Signups will run for the duration of January 2019 and all purchases are considered final and cannot be refunded.

Members will be contacted on the 1st of February with further details and relevant links.

 As a member of the Super Rare Club, you will receive the following benefits:

- Access to all products 48 hours before their general release dates
- Priority shipping: we will send your games out before anyone else
- Be part of a secret mailing list and receive inside information and exclusive game announcements
- Added to a secret Discord server containing other members and also the Super Rare Team
- Entered into monthly competitions to win special items and signed copies of games
- 25% discount on any purchased merchandise (one use only)

Q: Why can't we automatically bill and ship each release to you?

A: Unfortunately, we are a small company and we do not have the capacity to allow customers to be automatically charged and sent games when they come out. This brings around lots of logistical issues which are not easy to overcome. For example, some of our 2019 releases will have additional items and collector’s editions with them. Because of this, it doesn’t make sense to have a monthly subscription model with our games.

Q: If I am not a member, does this mean I will miss out on games?

A: No! We will ensure that the number of members we have is never more than the quantity of a title we will release. We will not penalise those who are not signed up for the Super Rare Club and it is not mandatory for customers to purchase games.

*Please note that our website works in pounds, so any currency conversions will vary.