Super Rare Club Membership (2021)


Super Rare Club Membership (2021)

Completely sold out!

Release Date: 7th January 2021

Limited Edition: Only 1000 copies available!

There is a strict limit of 2 games per customer for all our releases.
Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

We are very happy to announce that the Super Rare Club membership for 2021 is opening on January 7th, 6pm GMT at the same time as our physical release of ITTA! But what exactly is the Super Rare Club? Well, here are all the details + benefits: 

🌟 For the fans - Our Club membership is built especially for our most passionate fans & collectors. Led by existing member feedback, its aim is to remove any potential stress associated with purchasing on time & rewarding our most loyal fans with exclusive information & prizes, as well as early access to products & our members-only community

Limited to 1,000 members - Restricted to just 1,000 registrations to make sure our releases remain available for everyone. Please note, last year's 858 members already received early access to registrations so slots may be extremely limited

Sign up, sign up - The registration period is only open from January 7th - January 31st and covers you as a member from February 1st, 2021 - January 31st, 2022. Membership priced at £27 + tax as a one-off payment covering you for the entire year

💫 Benefits! - Here's the bit you really want to know!

🎁 Early Access: Club members get exclusive early access to all of our games 48 hours before general sale, meaning you never have to worry about missing out
🎁 Priority shipping: Club orders are treated as VIP orders and receive priority shipping over general sale orders, meaning your games will ship before anyone else's*
🎁 Secret mailing list: Exclusive newsletter with behind-the-scenes info, game teasers, and competitions for rare plaques & more
🎁 Private Discord: Access to our private members-only, easy-to-use Discord server; we're active every day, making it the closest way to connect with us. We share behind-the-scenes looks, early info, and make decisions based on feedback here on a daily basis
🎁 Premium packaging: Free of charge premium packaging on all orders - usually costs £2 per order, making this worth more than the cost alone if you pick up every release*
🎁 Alternate covers: Limited unique covers or slipcovers created for a few games a year, made just for our members*

*Priority shipping
While Club members orders do receive priority shipping and will be sent before any general public orders, we cannot guarantee that you'll receive your order first due to the nature of international shipping, which is sadly out of our control

*Premium packaging
Please remember if you become a member that you do not need to purchase the premium packaging on top of your orders. Premium packaging will automatically be applied to your orders and we don't want you to waste your money

*Alternate covers
Limited unique covers may not always be the first release in a multi-game bundle; members will be warned in advance via our Discord or newsletters if a bundle will contain one to help with purchasing decisions. These alternate covers are included automatically in multi-game bundles purchased by members via the early Club order links. Covers are limited to 2 per person. While the unique Club covers are made in limited quantities specifically for our Club members, in the event that a small number of leftovers remain, we will distribute these to random general public orders to avoid waste 

Some T&Cs and legalese bits
  • Signups will run from January 7th - 31st, or until slots become full. Signups will not be available for the remainder of the year. 
  • Signups are considered final and cannot be refunded.
  • Early access orders are provided via unique store links sent to members via email and we retain the right to cancel your membership if you share these links publicly.
  • Club members will need to use the same account they sign up with to make their purchases throughout the year to avoid it being flagged as a non-Club account
  • Please note, we are unable to automatically process orders for Club members due to logistical reasons, so orders must still be manually placed.
Q: Will I miss out on games if I don't sign up?
Absolutely, categorically not. Club membership is limited to 1,000 members to ensure that none of our games ever, ever become paywalled. Releases will always be available to everyone - the Club membership just helps remove the hassle and provides a few extra rewards.

Whether you're new or a long-time collector, thanks so much for being with us on our journey so far! We had a fantastic 2020 and with our 2021 line-up taking shape, we're fairly confident that it'll be our best line-up ever. It is seriously good.