SRG#77+78 The Touryst + Fast RMX Bundle


1500 copies

Pre-order Date: 13th October

Release Date: 13th October

Shipping Date:

Rare Print: 6,000 copies available!

Limited to 2 per person

About The Touryst 🏝️

Discover exotic islands and explore ancient monuments in this relaxing action-adventure exploration game. Enjoy an adventure as varied as life itself. From climbing into deep mines and uncovering secret passages to surfing and dancing at a beach party, Monument Island has it all. Live the tourist life of your dreams!

About Fast RMX 🏁

The fastest racing game you may have ever experienced! Jump into the driver's seat of your very own anti-gravity vehicle and put your skills to the test in high-octane competitions. With 36 exciting tracks to discover, challenge your friends to local split-screen races or take part in online races against players from all over the world.


3 Game Bundle
Going for a complete Super Rare collection? Want to save on shipping? This is one for you!

This bundle is sold in a limited quantity and each game will be sold individually!