Our hope is that all our customers have a simple and painless experience when ordering and receiving games from us. 

If you do have any queries about the process we have listed the most commonly asked questions below, but if your query isn't listed then please email Lindsey our Head of Customer Happiness at help@SuperRareGames.com.

We aim to process your order within 3 days from receiving it, although if it's on the launch week it may take a few days longer. Once we have shipped your order we will send you a confirmation email and you should receive your game within the following timeframes:
US/International orders delivery times vary between 5-10 working days.
European and UK orders typically take between 3-5 working days.  

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In the early weeks of our releases being announced, games can be ordered as a pre-order in advance of the release.  They will only be available for shipment once we hit the release date. When you are ordering games, make sure you look out for any notices about ‘pre-order’ and ‘available from’ as that will help you know when it’s likely to ship.  

Within the first 24-48hrs the trackers can be a little bit slow in registering, particularly over the weekend, so if your tracker doesn't work straight away don't worry, it usually registers after this time.  

If your tracker is still not working, then please email us at help@SuperRareGames.com and we will look into shipment details for you and monitor it.  In the vast majority of cases where a tracker isn't working the orders will still be delivered. 

We use Royal Mail Track and Trace service https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/   Simply enter your tracking number into their query form and it will show the tracking details. Once the order reaches the destination country (if overseas), shipments will then be tracked by the local couriers, so click ‘Continue Tracking’ to see more recent local tracking information.   
If your package looks like its got stuck en route but is in your country, then it's best to contact your local courier company e.g. USPS to see if they can help.  Usually the local postal tracking website can also be used to monitor the delivery, you simply use the same tracking code we use with Royal Mail. 

Contact us at help@SuperRareGames.com with the order number, details of what you ordered and we will get back to you to help resolve it.  

Due to SRG being a UK based company the website is currently set up for payments to be made in £ GBP. We are currently looking into ways of getting it to work in multi-currencies at checkout, so hopefully we’ll have a solution soon. If you are ever in doubt about the checkout price please email us at help@SuperRareGames.com 

We use the country information we are given to work out shipping costs and relevant taxes that need to be applied. The final cost of the order (include shipping and taxes) will only be calculated at checkout.  

Very occasionally, we receive orders that are flagged as being at high risk of ‘fraud’. In these circumstances we will review the details and cancel those orders. Please get in touch with us if you believe your order was mistakenly identified as fraudulent and cancelled, as we can look into these on a case by case basis.  

We ship to lots of countries internationally, but if your country is missing, contact us at help@SuperRareGames.com and we will look into adding it for you – we are adding countries all the time!  

We can cancel your order as long as we receive notification prior to the order being fulfilled. To cancel your order email us at help@SuperRareGames.com  and let us know your name and order number. If your order has been shipped then we cannot cancel the order.

We can cancel items and provide a refund as long as your order has not been fulfilled or be 'in progress'. Email us at help@SuperRareGames.com, as soon as you have placed your order/realised your mistake to ensure we can help out. 

If you have mistakenly not included an item in your order, we are not able to add items to an order already placed, so we suggest you place a new order for the item/s you forgot, then let us know and we can combine the orders and refund you appropriate shipment costs. 

If you receive the wrong items please email us at  help@SuperRareGames.com with your order number and details of what you have received. We will arrange for the correct items to be sent to you and provide you with instructions to return the incorrect items.  

Damage to items you receive is treated on an individual basis, so please email us at help@SuperRareGames.com and we will review it. Please provide us with your name and order number plus photos of both the damage to the game and the original shipment packaging your game was sent in as that helps us to review the case.

We are able to combine orders as long as they are unfulfilled AND as long as they do not combine to create an order that is above our maximum game order (2 games per release). To have your orders combined, email us at help@SuperRareGames.com with your name and order numbers.  Please email us soon as you have made your order to ensure they are not shipped prior combining.

We currently only have a waiting list open for Machinarium. To join the waiting list please email us at waitlist@superraregames.com with your name and please ensure you have an account set up with us to make it easier to receive offers. Waiting lists for all other releases are no longer taking any further requests to join. 

If you are already on the waiting list and have a query about an offer please email us at waitlist@superraregames.com Please remember, being on the waiting list is not a guarantee of receiving a game, but if one does become available we will let you know via email.

The club membership is an annual subscription and we are not taking any further subscriptions for this years membership. The next opportunity to join will be in January 2020. 

Please email help@SuperRareGames.com and we'll do our very best to help you out.