Whale Peak Games


Roguelite Arcade Action Bullet Hell

Get ready to roll, shoot and boost your way through a futuristic wonderland!

Get ready to roll, shoot and boost your way through a futuristic wonderland in pursuit of an ever more glitched-out rogue AI, uncovering and mastering an increasingly ridiculous arsenal of weapons, abilities and upgrades as you go. Blast your enemies to bits as a gun-toting walking mech, and knock your foes into the abyss as an agile rolling ball!

Explore and conquer four distinct worlds filled with a dizzying array of rampaging robots, massive bosses and tools and obstacles straight out of a pinball table! Boost up ramps to soar above the fray and deliver death from above, launch yourself off bouncy bumpers or catch an updraft off a giant fan.obstacles

Go Mecha Ball mixes acrobatic, physical 3D platforming with chaotic, punchy arcade roguelite action. Discover synergies and hone your playstyle by mixing and matching dozens of weapons, abilities and upgrades as well as four different mechs.

Launch swarms of missiles, summon a helper or cause a minor earthquake by slamming into the ground like a meteor. Will you fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, rampage like a wrecking ball or become a critical hitting master assassin? However you choose to do it, you have to defeat the malfunctioning AI and close the portals leading back to your world!


Action-packed, acrobatic arcade roguelite
Walk and shoot as a mech, roll and bump as a ball
Roll, bounce, leap and bound through fun-filled arena playgrounds
Blast your way through four different worlds filled with unique enemies and obstacles
Compose a perfect playstyle from dozens of weapons, abilities and upgrades
Find your favourite guns in an arsenal of over 25 tools of mass destruction
Dominate your foes with over 20 quirky and devastating abilities
Augment your mechs using over 50 different upgrades