PB#22: A Short Hike, Necrobarista, Dicey Dungeons (Switch)


PB#22: A Short Hike, Necrobarista, Dicey Dungeons (Switch)

Less than 10% left. Nearly sold out!

Release Date: 25th August 2022

Limited Edition: Only 900 copies available!

There is a strict limit of 2 games per customer for all our releases.
Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

A Short Hike Shipping Update:
Due to the overwhelming demand for A Short Hike, we have now increased the release volume from 6k to 8k, split across 6000 games and 2000 CEs. This is the final production quantity, no further volumes will be added.
We will be shipping orders in 2 batches, the 1st batch orders will ship over the course of the next 2 weeks, whilst the 2nd batch will ship in October.
All Club Member orders placed already will all be shipped out of the 1st batch.
For non-Club Members, your order number # will determine your batch allocation/shipping dates:
  • 1st Batch = Orders less than #204000

  • 2nd Batch = Orders over #204000

The following are the current estimates of shipping dates, we will keep these updated if anything changes.
1st Batch
  • Short Hike games : end Aug/early Sept
  • Short Hike CEs: early Sept
2nd Batch
  • Short Hike games: early October
  • Short Hike CEs:  mid/late October
PB#22 orders (will ship with 2nd Batch)
  • PB#22 - early October
  • PBCE#22 - mid/late October

Going for a complete Super Rare collection? Want to save on shipping? This is one for you! Purchasing this product will get you A Short Hike Game, Necrobarista, Dicey Dungeons. Please kindly note that this will be sent when all games are ready to ship.

This bundle is sold in a limited quantity and each game will be sold individually in the coming months.