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  • Type: PlayStation

PS4 #4: The Tartarus Key (PS4)

  • Release Date: 12th October, 2023
  • Shipping: January 2024
  • 1,000 copies
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PS4 #4: The Tartarus Key (PS4)


About The Tartarus Key

The last thing Alex Young remembers is being at home alone in her apartment… so why has she suddenly woken up in this strange mansion? All the doors are locked by bizarre puzzles and traps, there are cameras following her every move, and she keeps thinking she sees… things… out of the corner of her eye.
If she wants to escape alive, along with the other captives she discovers, she’ll need to use her wits in this adventure thriller.

About The Tartarus Key:

The last thing Alex Young remembers is being at home alone in her apartment… so w
Inspired by the look and feel of classic horror games, The Tartarus Key serves up a mystery filled with twists and turns, and more than a few deadly surprises. Rely on brains over brawn to help Alex survive, but beware - not everyone might make it out alive.

F E A T U R E S –

  • Escape a deadly mansion filled with dangerous traps, and rescue Alex’s fellow captives… or fail, and leave them to a grisly fate
  • Uncover three different endings, and dig into the heart of the mansion and the strange secrets it and your captors hold
  • Solve puzzles and challenges reminiscent of escape-the-room games in a variety of unsettling and bizarre scenarios
  • A tense, atmospheric adventure that relies on puzzles and plot instead of combat or chase sequences

Each purchase includes the following items:

- Fully assembled PlayStation game with PS4 disc

- Interior art

- Full-colour manual

- Exclusive sticker

- Slipcover 

Supported Languages: English

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