SRG#20: RIVE: Ultimate Edition (Switch)


SRG#20: RIVE: Ultimate Edition (Switch)

Completely sold out!

Release Date: 22nd August 2019

Limited Edition: Only 3000 copies available!

There is a strict limit of 2 games per customer for all our releases.
Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

Each Cart contains three games, RIVE, Swap This! and an emulated version of an unreleased demo of Three Tribes on GBA


Infiltrate a ruined starship and start causing chaos in RIVE: Ultimate Edition, a sci-fi twin-stick shooter for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch that combines exploration, platforming and intense fast-paced action at a deliciously smooth 60 frames per second!

Pilot your spacecraft through the depths of a derelict vessel that’s home to underwater labyrinths, functioning train lines and hundreds of robotic enemies, all ready to blow your craft to pieces over and over from every angle! 

Swap This!

You may have matched colours before, but never like in Swap This! To master this puzzle game you need real skills, quick wits and tactical thinking. In no-time you’ll orchestrate screen-clearing chain reactions and use super-charged power-ups.

There’s a lot to do! You can choose from 4 varied modes: Minute Match, Wave Mode, Fish Fight and Puzzle. Combined with surprisingly smart gameplay systems, Swap This! really offers oceans of depth.

Each purchase includes the following items:
- Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
- Interior art
- Full-colour manual
- Exclusive sticker
- 3 card trading card pack

Languages Supported: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese ,Korean and Japanese 

Please note that all products are region free and can be played on any Nintendo Switch