SRG#33: Graceful Explosion Machine (Switch)


SRG#33: Graceful Explosion Machine (Switch)

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Release Date: 18th June 2020

Limited Edition: Only 4000 copies available!

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Skillfully pilot the Graceful Explosion Machine, a fighter ship armed with a ludicrously overpowered quad-weapon array!

Lost in deep space, you'll shoot, dash and combo your way through jewel-hued alien worlds, fighting crystalline enemies to find a way home.

The GEM fighter is the most advanced single pilot fighter in the galaxy, offering precise controls, nimble movement and devastating firepower.

🚀 Beloved indie Switch hit - available in physical form for the first time!

🚀 Blisteringly intense side-scrolling arcade shooter

🚀 Devastatingly powerful quad-weapon array - four unique and dynamic weapons

🚀 Survive an alien onslaught in 30+ levels across four distinct planets

🚀 Gorgeous visuals bursting with vibrant colours, and bold geometric design

🚀 Hypnotic synthesizer-driven soundtrack

🚀 Extensive statistics and rankings encourages replayability to perfect the combo system

🚀 Compete in Score Attack mode: a finely-tuned experience for racking up big scores!

Languages Supported: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese
Please note that all products are region free and can be played on any Nintendo Switch

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