SRG#57: Deponia Collection (Switch)


SRG#57: Deponia Collection

Completely sold out!

Release Date: 16th September 2021

Limited Edition: Only 3000 copies available!

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Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

SHIPPING ESTIMATE: Middle of October

This bundle contains all 4 Deponia Games on 1 Cartridge, no downloads!

Each purchase includes the following items:

- Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
- Interior art
- Full-colour manual
- Exclusive sticker
- Set of 3 card trading card pack 
- Fully reversible cover

Nothing but junk - As far as the eye can see.

Rufus's homeworld Deponia is a planet-sized junkyard. When the beautiful Elysian girl Goal falls into his arms – quite literally – Rufus's dream to leave Deponia seems to be within arm's reach as well.

Accompany Rufus on his crazy adventure and the most bizarre love story in video game history. Only after surviving wild chases, building insane gadgets, and with a dash of heroism you can overcome this journey.

- Four award-winning adventure hits with over 50 hours of gameplay!

- Challenging puzzles, over 150 wacky characters and bizarre dialog

- Unique universe in the tradition of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening

- Time travel – cloning technology – platypus-tastic action!

Supported Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian

Please note that all products are region free and can be played on any Nintendo Switch

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