SRG Mixtape Volume #3


SRG Mixtape Volume #3


Release Date: 26th May 2022

Limited Edition: Only 2000 copies available!

There is a strict limit of 2 games per customer for all our releases.
Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

Super Rare Mixtape features

­čô╝┬á30 games┬á-┬á
a hand-curated selection of 30 games from grassroots indie developers, chosen for maximum variety of genres and art styles - there's something for everyone!

Includes hardcore platformers, low-poly horrors, tactical games, classic RPGs, wholesome exploration games, arcade-like games, and even Dink Smallwood, a 1998 RPG that inspired huge games like Borderlands and Baldur's Gate. Mixtapes are showcases of pure originality and creativity, giving indies the attention and preservation they deserve

­čĺ╗ 6 demos┬á-┬áharking back to the golden days of PlayStation┬ádemo discs and PC shareware discs, we've included a handful of demos for exciting upcoming commercial indie games that you may or may not have heard of

­čô╝┬áUSB tape cassette┬á-┬áyour mixtape of games are fittingly featured on a USB shaped like a tape cassette, complete with a built-in custom launcher for easy plug 'n' play use on any Windows PC or laptop

­čĺ╗┬áCollector's box┬á-┬áa gorgeous slim box, designed to fit in with your games collection, also includes┬áa full-colour manual with a full page dedicated to each of the 36 titles and a description on why they were selected┬áfor this collection

­čô╝ Bonus features -┬ádive into the history of these hidden gems with 24 concept art galleries and 7 developer audio commentaries, helping preserve the stories behind these games that would otherwise have been lost to time

­čĺ╗┬á2,000 copies*┬á-┬áonly 2,000 copies will ever be available - stock is already here┬áand ready to ship

(*2,100 copies have been printed in total as additional units were needed for the many developer samples)

­čô╝┬áList of games included:┬áAfter Midnight, birdsong, Bonkers, Commuting, Dank Tomb, Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC, Dink Smallwood HD, Estigma, Finterior Decorator, FurnCap, Gone Wandering, Hot Pot Panic, Inferna, It's Paper Guy!, Jayce, liminal ranger, Only Cassette Coloring!, Palmystery, PEN GUNS, Pocketon Peak, RETICLE_STAR, Saucy Boy Adventures, Seaway, SHOTDOGS, Slide in the Woods, SpaceScape, Spectrum Valley, Tap Tricks, The Telwynium,┬áand┬áUgby Mumba 3.

Also includes demos for Dorfromantik, ENCHAIN, Esse Proxy, Lost Nova, Pompom: The Great Space Rescue, and PRODUCER (2021).