[Steelbook] SRG#71: Strange Brigade (Switch)


[Steelbook] SRG#71: Strange Brigade


Release Date: 30th June 2022

Shipping Date: 30th June 2022

Limited Edition: Only 2000 copies available!

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Each purchase includes the following items:

- Fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
- Exclusive Steelbook
- Postcard
- Interior art
- Full-colour manual
- Exclusive sticker
- 3 card trading card pack

Set: Egypt, the 1930s. You are one of the Strange Brigade, a daring group of heroes and explorers about to set off on a journey. Erased from ancient history and buried in a nameless tomb for 4,000 years, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once again, and only you and your friends stand a chance against her and her army of mummified monstrosities. Bring out your inner adventurer in this thrilling third-person action shooter, playable both solo and in 2-4 player online and local wireless co-op!

🧟 FOUR FEARLESS FORTUNE HUNTERS – Travel the ancient world as one of four dashing agents trained to tackle the supernatural. Unleash devastating magical powers and unload powerful prototype weapons such as the fire-spitting Krakatoa, the ice-cold Chill Burster, and the brain-busting Blunderbuss!

⚱️ A LEGION OF MALEVOLENT MONSTERS – Seteki is not the only mythological menace to have awoken … she’s brought an army of loyal beasts with her! Face her many nefarious ne’er-do-wells, including moaning mummies, fire-breathing assassins, armour-plated minotaurs, giant scorpions, and much, much worse!

🔺 TONS OF TERRIFYING TRAPS – Decapitate the undead with spinning blades, fry them to a crisp with fire traps, crush them with a well-placed boulder, and more. You wouldn’t set them on your teammates… would you?

🧭 OODLES OF PUZZLING PREDICAMENTS – Keep those peepers peeled for suspicious clues, secret entrances, and ancient contraptions that need re-awakening! Who knows what alluring treasures and buried riches await you on the other side…

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