Super Rare Mystery Box (2020)


Super Rare Mystery Box (2020)

Completely sold out!

Release Date: 3rd December 2020

There is a strict limit of 2 games per customer for all our releases.
Any orders above this will be cancelled and refunded.

Limited to 1,000 copies

Did you miss out on a Super Rare Game that you really wanted? Want one last chance to own them? Introducing our Mystery Box! We have taken all our leftover copies across some of our releases and packed them up. Even we don't know which ones are which.

Each order comes packaged in a 'mystery box' with three random packs of trading cards.

Please note:

1) For obvious reasons, we are unable to offer ANY REFUNDS on Mystery Box purchases.

2) All games in this Mystery Box Release are leftovers that we have in our warehouse, there have been no additional printings of these games.


Ultra Rare (5% chance): Q.U.B.E 2, Fairune Collection, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, EARTHLOCK, Machinarium, Wulverblade, Evoland: Legendary Edition, The Sexy Brutale

Super Rare (29% chance): Toki Tori Collection, RIVE: Ultimate Edition, The Darkside Detective, SteamWorld Quest

Rare (32% chance)Octahedron, Assualt Android Cactus+, Mechstermination Force, Tricky Towers, Graceful Explosion Machine, SteamWorld Dig, Freedom Finger  

Uncommon (34% chance)The Gardens Between, Smoke and Sacrifice, Little Inferno, SteamWorld Heist, Old School Musical, Chroma Squad, Dandara, Monster Prom