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Super Rare Club Membership (2024)

  • Release Date: 7th December, 2023
  • Limited copies
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Super Rare Club Membership (2024)


Signups begin 7th December, with 1000 member slots available!

Club Benefits

🎁 Early Access Bliss: This is the big one! Club members get 48hr early access to orders for all of our classic numbered physical line-up of games - meaning you never have to worry about missing out again.

🎁 Premium packaging**: Premium packaging automatically applied to all Club orders - this usually costs £2 per order alone, making it more than worth the membership cost alone if you pick up every release.

🎁 Priority shipping*: Club orders are treated as VIP orders and receive priority shipping over general sale orders, meaning your games will ship before anyone else's.

🎁 Secret mailing list: Automatically signed up for our exclusive Club 2024 newsletter, with behind-the-scenes info, teasers, and exclusive competitions.

🎁 Club fridge magnet:Club members will be receiving an exclusive Club Fridge Magnet, along with a welcome card and a special welcome sticker which will be included in one of your early orders.

🎁  Private Discord channels: Club membership will grant you access to our private members-only Discord channels exclusive for 2024 members. We will be sharing early access info, Q&As with the team and more!

🎁 Exclusive plaques and game giveaways: We will be giving away a rare game plaques with every release. Only 3-4 are ever produced per game release, making the plaques a true collector's item. Throughout the year, we will also giveaway exclusive club items, such as:

  • Two signed game giveaways with every release in 2024
  • Exclusive Club slipcovers for 2 game releases in 2024

And much more!

Important Information

✨ Limited to 1000 members -There are only 1000 places on the 2024 club membership scheme so sign up early to ensure you don't miss out.

💳 Prices, prices -Club Membership for 2024 is £30 and will run from 1st January 2024 until 31st December 2024.

⭐ Current status -any orders you have placed prior to joining the club membership will ship as normal non-club orders, regardless of when they will ship. Only orders placed after 1st January 2024 will be treated as a club order, with all the benefits...