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Winter Mystery Box 2023

Completely sold out!
  • Release Date: 14th December, 2023
  • Shipping: w/c 18th December
  • 1,000 copies
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Winter Mystery Box 2023


The Mystery Box Returns!

We couldn't resist delving into our treasure trove of sold-out Super Rare Games titles once again, just for you! Prepare for another round of nail-biting anticipation...

Chance tiers and available games:

🟥 Suuuuuper Rare  18% 

Earthlock, The Gardens Between, Smoke & Sacrifice, World of Goo, Assault Android Cactus, Sexy Brutale, Little Inferno, Tricky Towers, Graceful Explosion Machine, Steamworld Dig, Steamworld Heist, Old School Musical, Chroma Squad, Dandara, Darkwood, Yes Your Grace, ITTA, Lonely Mountains Downhill, Creaks, Brothers, Unrailed, Mi’pu’mi Collection, Last Day of June, Super Crush KO, Littlewood, Roki, Deponia, Metal Unit, Dogworld, Caveblazers

🟧 Super Rare  45%

Bloodroots, Horace, Sally Face, Archvale, Superliminal, Rogue Heroes, Wytchwood, Strange Brigade, Webbed, A Short Hike, The Touryst, Fast RMX, Grapple Dog

🟩 Rare 2023 38%

Source of Madness, Hell is Other Demons, Heaven Dust Collection, Islets, Lost in Play, Wavetale, Haiku, Post Void


SIGNED GAMES! Such as Creaks, A Short Hike and more 🤫

Please note that these are stockroom leftovers and copies originally set aside for customer service as part of the original numbered runs - we never reprint games!

Each box includes the following items:

  • Purple collectible Mystery Box
  • ONE random sold-out title with all original content
  • TWO completely random trading card packs
  • Premium packaging for a deluxe unboxing experience

PURCHASE LIMITS – Usual purchase limit of 2 per person applies. If a customer purchases two Mystery Boxes, we'll do our best to ensure no one receives two copies of the same game.

STOCK ORIGIN – We never reprint our games. The games included in this campaign consist of stock previously earmarked for replacing lost or damaged orders by our customer service team.